Don’t tell your invitation designer that invitations just get thrown out!

When working with Wedding Invitation professionals, it's important to maintain...

When working with Wedding Invitation professionals, it’s important to maintain a respectful and considerate attitude. Making negative comments or assumptions can be detrimental to the working relationship and may not reflect well on you as a client. Here are a few reasons why it’s not advisable to say to your invitation designer that people just throw out invitations:

Professionalism and Respect: It’s essential to treat professionals with respect and professionalism. Artists and designers put their time, effort, and creativity into their work. Implying that their creations are disposable or unappreciated can be demoralizing and disrespectful.

Value and Perception: Invitations serve as the first point of contact for an event, and their design sets the tone and expectations. Even if some invitations are ultimately discarded, their purpose goes beyond being kept as keepsakes. They contribute to the overall experience and anticipation of the event. Focusing solely on the fate of the physical invitation overlooks their impact on the event itself.

Customization and Personalization: Invitations are often tailored to reflect the theme, style, and personality of the event and the hosts. Custom designs allow for a unique touch and create a sense of excitement for the recipients. By appreciating the effort put into these custom designs, you show your support for the designer’s artistry and commitment to making your event special.

Future Collaborations and Referrals: Approaching professionals with kindness and appreciation can lead to long-term relationships and potential referrals. By acknowledging the value of their work, you demonstrate that you understand and appreciate their expertise. This can encourage designers to go above and beyond for you, and they may recommend you to others in their network.

Remember, treating others with respect and recognizing their efforts is not only beneficial for them but also contributes to a positive and fulfilling experience for you as a client.

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