What is the acceptable time frame to give guests to RSVP?

Getting family and friends to let you know if they’re coming to the wedding can be frustrating. This is what often happens: You’ll get a flurry of responses right after people receive their invitation (thank you!), then a few will straggle in for the next few weeks. Expect a bunch of replies close to the […]

Do we need Ceremony Programs?

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to have a wedding ceremony program, here are some truths to consider: Complexity of the CeremonyThe need for a program depends on the complexity of your ceremony. If it’s a short and straightforward service with limited readings and songs, and a small bridal party, a program might […]

How to deal with Adults Only Wedding issues!

Setting clear boundaries and communicating politely yet firmly is crucial when dealing with such situations. Here’s a suggested response if a parent writes their children’s names on the response card: “Dear [Parent’s Name], Thank you for your prompt response to our wedding invitation. We are excited to celebrate this special day with you. However, we […]

Why should I have (number attending on my response card)?

Including a request for the number of attendees on your wedding response card can be beneficial for several reasons: Accurate Planning: By asking for the number of attendees, you can get a clear idea of how many people will be attending your wedding. This information is crucial for planning various aspects of the event, such […]