Are Wedding Invitations Really Important?

f you're in the midst of planning your wedding and diligently managing your budget...

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding and diligently managing your budget, you’ve probably come to realize that weddings come with a hefty price tag. After securing your venue, hiring a florist, booking the caterer, and handling a host of other expenses, you might start questioning the significance of wedding invitations.

The answer is a resounding YES!

Sure, you might entertain the thought of sending some appealing e-vites for free or opting for budget-friendly printable invitations from Etsy and attempting to print them at home. However, I’m here to lay it all out for you, explaining why this could be a misguided approach and why professionally designed and printed, exquisite wedding invitations are genuinely crucial.


While you may have heard the rumor that wedding invitations are merely discarded after use, the truth is that your close friends and family are likely to treasure them for years to come. I’ve encountered families who maintain their wedding albums in immaculate condition, bringing them out on special occasions. I’ve also met couples who safeguard their friends’ and family’s wedding invitations because they found them exceptionally beautiful and couldn’t bear to part with them.

Your wedding day holds significant importance to your parents and grandparents, and they are likely to cherish your wedding invitations as mementos of this special occasion. You don’t dispose of family photographs, do you? More often than not, you safeguard them in a secure place, and as time goes by, they become even more precious. A wedding invitation holds a similar value, and you’d be surprised at how many people will value your wedding invitation and preserve it for occasional reminiscence.


Your invitations can incorporate aspects of your family’s history in various ways. By including your parents’ names, featuring a custom illustration of the wedding venue or church, or perhaps including a watercolor representation of your family pet, you are embedding a piece of your family’s history. The choices you make for your wedding invitations, whether they reflect a vibrant and lively, dark and dramatic, or soft and delicate aesthetic, mirror the preferences instilled in you by your family. As mentioned earlier, family photographs are treasured, and the same sentiment extends to your wedding invitations.


In an era where “good” snail mail is a rarity, mailboxes are frequently inundated with unsolicited advertisements and bills. After extracting that stack of unwanted mail, take a moment to imagine the delight you’d feel upon discovering a beautifully addressed envelope containing a personalized invitation inside, crafted especially for you. Wouldn’t that be a delightful surprise? Your guests will experience this same joy, enhancing their anticipation for the forthcoming big day.


This point is significant, and skimping on your wedding invitations here might not reflect well on you and your fiancĂ©. Let’s be straightforward – e-vites may come across as tacky, and printable wedding invitations often lead to subpar results for brides attempting DIY or seeking budget-friendly options. Your best course of action is to collaborate with a professional wedding stationery designer who can connect with you and your fiancĂ© on a personal level, fashioning a design that is uniquely representative of both of you. These experts possess the expertise to create a cohesive design, select appropriate colors and styles, and possess extensive knowledge of various printing methods (eliminating concerns about printer mishaps at home). Additionally, they handle the assembly process. Partnering with someone who is skilled and genuinely cares about your wedding invitations like who offers numerous advantages and results in the creation of those exquisite keepsake invitations we discussed earlier – ones you’ll want to treasure forever.

If it isn’t already evident, I’m profoundly passionate about wedding invitations, and I want you to fall head over heels in love with yours. I would be absolutely thrilled to collaborate with you in crafting a completely bespoke invitation that authentically reflects your identity as a couple.

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